Promotion of Philately – Grand-Place of Tournai stamps from Belgium

Promotion of Philately – Grand-Place of Tournai stamps from Belgium

bpost issued a sheet of five stamps depicting the panoramic view of the historic city of Tournai.

With about 70,000 inhabitants, Tournai is no longer one of the major cities of Belgium. However, in the past, it actually was. Sitting at one of the terraces of the Grande-Place of Tournai, the visitor is at the heart of a major historic Belgian cities.

Beyond its real estate, the Grande-Place of Tournai is distinguished by its unique shape. On this issue, bpost highlights its triangular space within the series "Promotion of Philately" which is always dedicated to famous historical centers of Belgium. The Grande-Places of Brussels and Bruges had already been selected for the previous issues. The illustrator and designer of bpostJean Libertand the engraver Guillaume Brouxcreated a very attractive sheet of stamps. It demonstrates all the cultural and historical richness of the city. The five illustrated attractions were carefullyselected and engraved on this sheet.

This sheet of stamps is one of a kind. Thanks to the special folds it takes the triangular shape of the Grande-Place of Tournai depicting its houses and buildings identically rebuilt after the Second World War. Two of them, the Belfry and the Cloth Hall are inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. The statue of Christine de Lalaing dominates the Place. She led the Resistance in the 16 century, when Catholics wanted to occupy Tournai, being Protestant at the time.

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