Pre and Post-Impressionism on the Theme of Water stamps from France

Pre and Post-Impressionism on the Theme of Water stamps from France

La Poste issued a booklet of twelve stamps celebrating the theme of water in major Impressionist works.

Pissarro, Monet or Renoir, these artists were able to create "impressions", fugitive representations of a moment, a character or a natural site. They also magnified water in its transient states, its shadows, its lights and secret corners. This stamp booklet offers a wonderful overview of the Impressionist painters' masterpieces dedicated to water.

Here are the stamps to discover in the booklet:

- Louis-Eugene Boudin, "Pier of Deauville" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

- Alfred Sisley, "The Island of La Grande Jatte, Neuilly sur Seine" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

- Claude Monet, "Regatta at Argenteuil" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

- Georges Seurat, "The Anglers, Study for La Grande Jatte" (Troyes, Museum of Modern Art);

- Edouard Manet, "On the beach" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

- Auguste Renoir, "Alphonsine Fournaise" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

- Camille Pissarro, "The Pilot's Jetty, Le Havre High Tide, Afternoon Sun" (Le Havre, Musee des Beaux-Arts Andre Malraux);

Theo Van Rysselberghe, "The man at the helm" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

Paul Gauguin "The White River"(Grenoble, Grenoble Museum);

Albert Lebourg, "In the port of Rouen"(Paris, Petit Palais Museum);

Paul Cezanne, "Estaque, View of the Bay of Marseille" (Paris, Orsay Museum);

Vincent Van Gogh, "Starry Night, Arles" (Paris, Orsay Museum).

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