Pond Life 2013 stamps from Singapore

Pond Life 2013 stamps from Singapore

Singapore post issued a set of two stamps dedicated to ponds and pond life.

Ponds are teeming with both animal and plant life. It supports a large variety of animal and plant life such as birds, crayfish, small fishes, frogs, insects, algae and water lilies. In fact, a pond is a fascinating habitat to study. If a pond is to be a successful habitat, it must have aquatic plants growing in it as they provide food, oxygen and shelter for the animals. In this stamp issue two of these interesting pond plants are featured, namely the Geli Geli and the Water Gentian.

Geli Geli (Lasia spinosa) is an obscure member of the yam family. It is a perennial tropical and aquatic plant that thrives in a location with semi-shade to full sun. In can be found along the banks of rivers and in swamps and is tolerant of waterlogged conditions. Geli Geli is edible and possesses medicinal properties. Both the rhizomes and leaves possess expectorant properties and the leaves are used to treat coughs, stomachaches and various aches and pains.

Water Gentian (Nymphoides indica) is a pretty, fast-growing, perennial aquatic plant. A blooming colony looks like snow-flakes on water. It has flat, rounded, floating leaves and delicate white flowers with yellow centers. The petals have unusual, feathery edges. The flowers are formed above the floating leaves with 2-4 cm long stalks. It gets its common name, of floating hearts because of the heart-shaped, bright green leaves which lie on the water surface like those of water lilies.

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