“Poetry and Painting” stamp issue from China

“Poetry and Painting” stamp issue from China

China Post issued a set of four special stamps "Poetry and Painting" featuring: Mountain and Flowing Water, Yi Qiu lesson believers, Huai pond, Michiko painted wall.

Piano, chess, calligraphy, painting stamps refer to four kinds of the ancient art of self-cultivation, also known as Masato. "Piano", multi-fingered guqin, also known as "lyre", is China's oldest stringed instrument, subtle, deep, representing ancient Chinese musical culture. The "piano" stamp indicates the high status of a piano in the eyes of the ancients. The "chess" stamp, mainly referring to chess, contains the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture and spirituality. The "book", referring to calligraphy is China's unique heritage of civilization carrier. The "painting", referring to the art to depict landscapes, objects, flowers, birds, characters, pure and bright colors, abstract impressionistic style, represents independent aesthetic system and distinctive national style.

Poetry and painting, profound, elegant style, carried from generation to generation, with distinct Chinese characteristics and profound cultural connotation, is a treasure of Chinese nation's outstanding cultural heritage.

The stamps were designed by the especially invited famous contemporary Chinese painter Fan Zeng.

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