Pioneer Arts stamps from Papua New Guinea

Pioneer Arts stamps from Papua New Guinea

PNG post issued new stamps within the series "Pioneer Arts" dedicated this time to the sculptures of Gickmai Kundun. Originally hailing from Chimbu Province, Gickmai came to Port Moresby in the early 1970’s and enrolled at the National Arts School. He was trained in various classical art mediums but it was metal sculptures that quickly attracted his imagination.

His distinctive style of work was first recognized in Papua New Guinea when he was commissioned to do sculpture work in the new Parliament House.

Today, Gickmai Kundun’s work (paintings, ceramics and sculpture) can be found among the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and to name a few of the more recognized institutions that celebrate this artist.

The stamps feature the following sculptures by Gickmai Kundun:

K1.30 – "Kundu" - Slit Gong;
K1.30 – "Lakatoi" - Hiri Moale Trading canoe;
K6.00 - Hiri Moale Queen;
K8.70 - Bird of Paradise;
K10.00 - An Invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois);
K1.30 - Follow the leader;
K1.30 - Walk or walking together;
K6.00 - Relieving education burden;
K8.70 - Inherited believe system.

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