Pierre-Georges Latecoere 1883-1943 stamp from France

Pierre-Georges Latecoere 1883-1943 stamp from France

France Poste issued a stamp to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Pierre-George Latecoere (1883-1943), pioneer of aeronautics.

Born in Bagneres-de-Bigorre, he studied in the Ecole Centrale Paris and, during the First World War, started a business in aeronautics. He directed plants that made planes and opened the first airlines that operated from France to Africa and South America.

Pierre-Georges Latecoere was the founder of the aeronautical industry in Toulouse. As the son of the owner of a sawmill in Bagneres-de-Bigorre in the Pyrenees, he took an early interest in technology. In 1903, after an outstanding secondary school career he began his degree at the Parisian Ecole Centrale des Arts et des Manufactures. On returning to the Pyrenees he modernized his father's firm, specializing in the manufacture of railway wagons. Thus, during the First World War, the profits from government contracts allowed him to set up a large, modern factory in the Toulouse suburb of Montaudran. Before doing so, he had also produced a rush order of 600 Salmson aircraft, which the army urgently needed. Having become an aeronautical enthusiast, he decided to create the company Societe des lignes Latecoere (later known as Aeropostale), carrying mail from France to Morocco, Senegal and South America - the first aircraft being flown by such well-known pilots as Mermoz and Saint-Exupery.

Finally, he started manufacturing aircraft in his own name, and notably the great seaplanes such as the Latecoere 631.

The stamp illustrates traces of aerial routes between France and South America as well as the image of a Late 28, a legendary aircraft in which Mermoz made the first postal crossing between Saint-Louis-du -Natal in Brazil and Senegal in 1930.

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