Philately Week Special Stamps from South Korea

Philately Week Special Stamps from South Korea

The 2013 Korea Philatelic Exhibition will be held from August 8 to 12 at COEX A Hall A1.

This exhibition will display some 420 frames of stamp exhibits. Meandering through the "World History through Stamps" exhibit, visitors will be able to meet, in stamp form, many great men of world history and peer through the eyes of the present at some major world events with an interesting chronological display of stamps. With the PHILAKOREA 2014 World Stamp Exhibition, commemorating the 130th anniversary of postal service in Korea, just one year away, visitors will be able to take a look at the impressive heritage of Korea Post through the "Korea Post History" exhibit, and enjoy a sneak preview of information regarding the PHILAKOREA 2014 exhibition at the "PHILAKOREA Promotion" display. For the younger visitors, including children and teenagers, exciting events will be held each day, including "looking for hidden treasure in stamps," "solving a stamp quiz," and a "stamp story exploration corps." At the "PHILAKOREA Slow Mailbox" corner, guests are invited to write their messages of hope, which will be sent by mail one year later in July 2014. Aside from these, many other "things to see" and "things to enjoy" will be on display, such as an "original masterpiece philatelic items auction" and a "stamp designer autograph event."

Philately Week Special Stamps introduce the entire process of stamp collecting using four different kinds of stamps in cartoon style: A girl writes a letter, attaches a stamp on the envelope, and puts it into a mailbox. The boy who received this letter removes the stamp and puts it in his stamp album. Issued will be a miniature sheet where these four kinds of stamps are combined into one stamp. On the selvage of the stamp sheet, the required tools for stamp collecting such as a magnifying glass, stamp album, envelope, postcard, and various stamps are designed, thus making the stamp uniquely more interesting.

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