Philately Week 2013 stamps from Japan

Philately Week 2013 stamps from Japan

Japan Post issued special stamps to commemorate the Philately Week 2013.
The first Philately Week was organized in Japan in 1947 by the Ministry of Communication with the aim to spread public and cultural values of postal stamps, to demonstrate their "beauty" and "artistry", to promote the hobby of stamp collecting.

The Philately week 2013 will be held in Japan from 19 to 25 of April. The stamps issued in honour of this event illustrate the famous Birds and Flowers of Four Seasons style by traditional Kano Japanese painting school.

The Kano school began by reflecting a renewed influence from Chinese painting, but developed a brightly coloured and firmly outlined style for large panels decorating the castles of the nobility which reflected distinctively Japanese traditions. Common subjects were landscapes, often as a background for animals and dragons, or birds, trees or flowers, or compositions with a few large figures, but crowded panoramic scenes from a high viewpoint were also painted. The animals and plants shown often had moral or perhaps political significance.

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