Pavli the Postman stamps from Slovenia

Pavli the Postman stamps from Slovenia

The first regular stamps by Posta Slovenije featuring Pavli the Postman came out in 2011, at that time in the nominal values of A and B. In 2012 two stamps were issued with the nominal values of C and D, and now the collection of regular stamps from the life of Pavli are supplemented by two new stamps, one on the topic of spring, and the other on the topic of summer. Yes, when nature awakens, when the days get longer and warmer, our Pavli is even happier to set out on his rounds from house to house. Among people he knows so well. Among friends he would miss dearly. Big and small, young and old, everyone loves him. And for each one, Pavli can find a friendly smile, a kind word, a story or song. And one of the main characters in each of the Pavli the Postman stories is his dog Luc. Just like every shaggy canine friend, Luc is sad when he has to wait at home alone for Pavli. And every time, he is overjoyed to see his master, bringing him his leash and dragging him out for a walk. As you can see on the stamp with the nominal value of A, Pavli and Luc love their leisure time, having fun in nature surrounded by the first blossoms of spring. The stamps with the nominal value of B capture our heroes in a moment of free time, refreshing themselves on a summer's day with watermelon. You are welcome to follow the adventures of Pavli the Postman on the Posta Slovenije website, where you can also find out about the events and places Pavli will visit in person.

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