Paolo Paschetto, 50th Anniversary of Death stamp from Italy

Paolo Paschetto, 50th Anniversary of Death stamp from Italy

As it was reported to, Poste Italiane issued a regular stamp belonging to the Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage series dedicated to Paolo Paschetto and the 50th anniversary of his death.

Paolo Paschetto (1885-1963) was a famous Italian painter. His artistic talent found application in various fields: graphics, illustration and collaboration with magazines. The artist carried out various important operations in cult buildings, to integrate and complement the wall decorations; the most important were those in the Waldesian Temple in Rome, for which he designed the wall decorations and drew the cartoons for the stained glass. He made several pieces of glass for the House of the Owls, illustrating naturalistic themes with ribbons, butterflies and roses. In 1927 he created the small glass work "Wings and flames". Moreover, Paschetto drew a series of stamps and emblems for the Italian Republic.

The issued stamp shows a collage featuring a series of works by Paolo Paschetto: on the left are the designs for four stamps on the right are a number of designs and sketches for the new emblem of the Italian state in the foreground, at the bottom on the right, is the emblem of the Italian Republic.

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