Paintings by Gerhard Richter – Seascape

Paintings by Gerhard Richter – Seascape

The setting sun penetrates the curtain of towering clouds with ease and lies glistening on the soft waves of the sea: the "Seascape" (1969) by Gerhard Richter (and featured on a new German stamp) depicts blazing sky meeting powerful sea. The artwork breathes calm. Since the creation of his deserted "Seascape" Gerhard Richter is considered the romantic of the present.

Native from Dresden, Gerhard Richter constantly produces new styles. A working group assembled to judge his painting style mainly considered a chronological sense: his wall paintings are followed by gray cityscapes to be replaced by romantic seascapes. And sometimes he puts down the brush to reach the camera. This results in the icy seascapes, including the "Seascape" of 1969, taken in a trip to Greenland.

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