Now, selfies on postage stamps are available to citizens of Nashik (India)

Now, selfies on postage stamps are available to citizens of Nashik (India)

The Department of Posts has decided to launch the "My Stamp" scheme in the Nashik division, under the personalized sheets of Commemorative Postage Stamps of India Post. The scheme will be available in Nashik from December 14, said N S Wankhede, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Nashik Division.

"The scheme was launched in Mumbai, and now, it is being launched in Nashik. The response in Mumbai was overwhelming. The scheme in Nashik, available permanently for any individual, is expected to add to the popularity of the posts," Wankhede said.

Any individual or even a corporate company can avail the benefits of the personalised scheme by getting a thumbnail photograph printed on one sheet of paper that contains 12 postage stamps of denomination Rs 5 each. The stamps can be used like any other postage stamps for sending mail.

According to the official, the person has to be present for getting the photographs on the stamps and has to submit a valid proof of identity. "The scheme is available for individuals as well as corporates, who can place the logos of their establishments on the stamps. But they will have to buy at least 500 sheets," another officer said.

Delineating the procedure, the officer said that the "My Stamp" could be available in less than 10 minutes - required to get the print of the photo - either clicked or provided a soft copy. In fact, any photograph; of heritage structures to natural splendour, can be used in the scheme.

"The system will have the sheet of pre-printed postage stamps with space for the photograph on the right side. The sheet will go through the printer for the printing of the photos only - not a lengthy process - once verification has been done," the officer said.

The system will be available in Nashik on a permanent basis and will be operated by the officials from Mumbai in the beginning. Postage officials at Nashik will be trained soon for handling the process.

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