Nordic stamp exhibition NORDIA 2013 in Gardabaer, Iceland

Nordic stamp exhibition NORDIA 2013 in Gardabaer, Iceland

From June 07th til June 09th, 2013, the Icelandic Philatelic Federation will host the Nordic philatelic exhibition that will be held in the sports hall Asgardur in Gardabaer.

The title of the exhibition is NORDIA 2013 and this will be the sixth such exhibition that the Federation has held after the ones in 1984, 1991, 1996, 2003 and 2009. The goal will be 700 qualifying frames of material to be exhibited.

The exhibits will be divided in all regular classes and in addition for the first time it will include exhibits in competitive postcards class, a class that postcard collectors succeeded to establish in recent years. The exhibition classes are divided in accordance with the exhibition rules which can be accessed in the link to the left on this site.

Participants in the NORDIA 2013 will also be the partners of the Philatelic Federations of the Nordic countries as well as of the Scandinavian collectors club of United States.

The Project and the realization of Nordia 2013 will be in close cooperation with the city counsil of the town of Gardabaer.

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