Mushrooms on new Croatian stamps

Mushrooms on new Croatian stamps

Meet this fall's mushroom season with! Hrvatska posta issued a set of three stamps featuring mushrooms. The depicted species are Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera), White Truffle (Tuber magnatum) and Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and Royal Bolete (Boletus regius).

Parasol mushroom is a generally known kind of mushroom which grows in many parts of the world. It has a very interesting look: while it is still not fully grown it resembles to drum mallets and is therefore called by Italians maza da tamburo. When it is fully developed and grown it resembles a parasol. Parasol mushroom is edible and of excellent quality but only its cap can be used since its stem is fibrous and tough and therefore hardly digestible. It can be prepared in many ways and when bread crumbed is a real delicacy.

The white truffle's fruiting body has pretty irregular shape and grows in average up to two to six centimetres wide, but can also be much bigger. Black truffle has a more regular fruiting body than white truffle which can be roundish or bulbous in shape; the surface is blackish and roughly papillary. The spaces between the warts are on the basis and in younger plants explicitly brownish-red. On the cross section of the fruiting body a brownish-red gleba can be seen, interwoven with numerous sterile, white, branched small fibres. The smell of gleba is specific, sharp and very pleasant. Both, white and black truffle are delicacies, with bigger exemplars of white truffle reaching on auctions extremely high prices, up to 245 000 EUR. Truffles are prepared in various ways but are best raw, because thus they keep their specific flavour in dishes, what makes them the most expensive mushrooms in the world.

Because of beautiful carmine red colour of its cap Royal Bolete is a veritable king among the family of Boletacae. Besides, its beauty is further accented with beautiful yellow colour of its tubes and with the stem which is along its whole length covered with fine and prominent reticule of the same yellow colour. The smell and taste of the royal bolete are very pleasant, the mushroom is of excellent quality. The royal bolete grows in summer and at the beginning of autumn in deciduous forests in groups or individually. It is traditionally best when fried on red onion, oil and butter to which scrambled eggs, salt and some pepper are added.

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