Mischievous Baby Animals featured on new Swedish stamps

Mischievous Baby Animals featured on new Swedish stamps

Charming kids, calves, piglets, ducklings and lambs tumbles out of five new stamps from Swedish post. The designer Gustaf Ohrnells ambition was to produce mischievous equality, both in pictures and in typography.

Below StampNews.com publishes an interview of Gustaf Ohrnell about the issue:

"When I was working with the stamp proofs, I really tried to bring out the playfulness.

I hope that everyone who looks at the images or collects or uses stamps will like the mischievous side of the baby animals, as well as my playful typography.

On almost all of the stamps, one of the letters in the word "BREV" twists and turns and follows the movements of the baby animals. The lamb and piglet are up to more mischief and are sticking their feet through the frame.

The major challenge of this stamp assignment was to create a good balance between the naturalistic features, the baby animal's natural behavior and the playful, more human mischief. The image in some ways borders on the world of a fairy tale. When I was a student at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, I made a poster in almost the same genre – an alphabet in which the letters were formed by the bodies of polar bears".

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