Mathematics stamps from Liechtenstein

Mathematics stamps from Liechtenstein

The starting point for this stamp series is the touring exhibition Geopythafibotonpolyhypotesaeder! Matheliebe at the Liechtenstein National Museum. In his collection assembled over the years partly of objects made by himself and partly of objects discovered in the course of everyday life the Liechtenstein mathematician Georg Schierscher seeks firstly to awaken a joy and interest in mathematics and secondly to demonstrate how deeply mathematics is rooted in the natural sciences.

The three stamps have been designed by the Vaduz graphic artist Hans Peter Gassner. The source he used for his exploration of another mathematical phenomenon in nature is the book "Formvollendet" ("Perfect in form") by authors Martin Hess and Andreas Uebele. According to this, leaves can be "reconstructed" in a polar coordinate circle with a spiral raster, i.e. there is a kind of standard structural plan to which leaves conform. To illustrate this, Gassner has used as models three leaves of indigenous plants which lend themselves especially well to being "reconstructed": a vine leaf in autumn, the leaf of an apple tree and the leaf of a Japanese maple.

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