Maria Tanase – 100 years since her birth stamp from Romfilatelia

Maria Tanase – 100 years since her birth stamp from Romfilatelia

Romfilatelia, as a promoter of the Romanian values and personalities, introduces into circulation a postage stamps issue dedicated to the anniversary of a century since Maria Tanase's birth, a complex and representative artist of the Romanian musical culture and spirituality, a genius singer of the Romanian genuine folk music, according to some musicologists.

Suggestively entitled Maria Tanase - 100 years since her birth, the jubilee philatelic issue presents scenes from the life and extraordinary artistic career of the singer to whom we owe the fame of the Romanian folk song worldwide.

The one who would be referred to as "Magic bird of the Romanian folk song" or "the nightingale from the Mulberry Orchard", Maria Tanase made her debut on stage at the age of 21, in 1934, under the pseudonyms Elise Lame and Mary Atanasiu together with Carabus Expres musical magazine band.

In 1937, Maria Tanase had a well deserved international success as representative of the Romanian song at the Paris World's Fair.

The radiophonic debut in the radio show Ora Satului (The Village Hour) (20th February 1938), accompanied by Ion Matache folk band, represented the beginning of a brilliant artistic career both in the country and abroad.

On 24th September 1938, the stage of Alhambra Theatre of Varieties presented to the public the debut of Maria Tanase as an actress - with artistic and musical talents - in Constelatia Alhambrei (Alhambra's Constellation) performance.

In numerous shows on Radio Bucharest, many of them being broadcast live, Maria Tanase manifested her passion for interpreting popular songs of the old Bucharest from the time of the singing compiler Anton Pann, our first musical chronicler Nicolae Filimon, and from the urban folk atmosphere where the classical writers of the Romanian literature such as Ion Creanga, Ion Luca Caragiale, Mihai Eminescu, Ioan Slavici etc.

lived and wrote. Maria Tanase also interpreted vibrant compositions inspired from the Romanian folk music and dedicated to Bucharest, which was called "Little Paris" in the interwar period.

The exceptional singer and extremely natural actress Maria Tanase has remained inimitable. The diplomat and writer Valentin Lipatti wrote about her fascinating figure: "she had big hypnotizing eyes and a youthful slim body. Her entire appearance resembled a mythological salamander, emerged from a half-pagan Romanian fairy tale".


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