King Karl Johan 250 Anniversary stamp from Norway

King Karl Johan 250 Anniversary stamp from Norway

The Norwegian Posten issued a stamp to commemorate the 250th anniversary of King Karl Johan. The story of King Karl III Johan is rather unusual. He started as a private in the French Army and advanced to be king of Sweden and Norway.

Karl Johan (26 January 1763 – 8 March 1844) was King of Sweden and King of Norway from 1818 until his death. He was born Jean Bernadotte. French by birth, Bernadotte served a long career in the French Army. He was appointed as a Marshal of France by Napoleon I, though the two had a turbulent relationship. His service to France ended in 1810, when he was elected the heir-presumptive to the Swedish throne because the Swedish royal family was dying out with King Charles XIII. Baron Carl Otto Morner, who was a Swedish courtier, and obscure member of the Diet, advocated for the succession.

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