Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage new series of stamps

Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage new series of stamps

Italian Post issued five regular stamps in the "Il patrimonioartistico e culturaleitaliano" (Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage) series, dedicated to: the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, the Renaissance city walls of Lucca, the archaeological site of Alba Fucens, the Monumental complex of Santa Sofia in Benevento and the Cathedral of Nardo.

The first stamp depicting the Mole Antonelliana shows a perspective view of the symbolic monument of Turin opened in April 10, 1889 and being from the year 2000 the Museum of Cinema.

The second stamp dedicated to the Renaissance city walls of Lucca depicts a print of the 18th century performed by the cartographer Pierre Mortier. The print features an ancient perspective map of the city of Lucca with its powerful Renaissance walls.

The Alba Fucens stamp represents a glimpse of the archeological site of the ancient city of Equi colonized by the Romans at the beginning of the 4th century BC. In particular the stamp shows the "Street of Pillars", so named because of the presence of stone pillars forming the portico of some workshops.

The fourth stamp features the monumental complex of Santa Sofia, particularly a detail of the colonnade in the Church Complex, artistic symbol of the early medieval Lombard. In 2011 the monumental complex of Santa Sofia was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The fifth stamp features the façade of the Romanesque-Baroque Cathedral of Nardo, built between the VII-XI centuries and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.

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