Isle of Man: Newspaper Headlines on stamps

Isle of Man: Newspaper Headlines on stamps

Isle of Man Post Office joined forces with The Times (of London) during their 225th anniversary year to celebrate many of the most momentous news stories making the headlines over the years.

In the spirit of information sharing Isle of Man's stamps feature a microtext panel telling the story of each historic event.

The issue also incorporates the Europa stamp for 2013 on the theme of Postal Vehicles and the 73p stamp commemorates 1973, marking the time, forty years ago, when the Isle of Man Postal Authority came into existence and became independent of the Royal Mail.

Other landmarks of history included in the issue are: the assignation of President Kennedy fifty years ago, the Moon Landings, the final flight of Concorde and HM The Queen's famous royal visit, with Prince Philip, to China in 1986.

Isle of Man Post Office also commemorated the unforgettable England World Cup victory in 1966 as this year the Football Association celebrates its own 125th anniversary.

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