International Firefighters’ Day stamp from Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Firefighters’ Day stamp from Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Firefighter's Day is celebrated on the 4th May, on the feast of St. Florian patron saint of firefighters. St. Florian was a high ranking officer in the Roman legions of the Emperor Diocletian at the time of the last great persecution of Christians.

According to legend, he was responsible for the fire service, because in Augustus age in Roman Empire, on the area where roman legions operated, the fire brigades were established. St. Florian didn't deny his Christian faith and was executed on 4th May 304. Because of the persecution, he was buried in secret, but many miracles occurred on his grave. The first record about St. Florian as the patron of fire is dating from 16th century, and is attributed to Martin Luther. Although the name of St. Florian was increasingly associated with the fire service as a protector of firefighters at the beginning of the 17th century, he was accepted as a patron in the early 19th century, i.e. at the time when volunteer fire departments begin to organize.

Fire activities today are performed by fire troops, volunteer fire departments and fire communities as professional and charitable organizations. Firefighters are trained in fire fighting, participating in the implementation of preventive measures for protection against fire and explosions, rescue of people and property endangered by fire and explosions, providing the technical assistance in accidents and dangerous situations and in performing of other tasks in environmental and other accidents. Since it is a demanding and complex job, in fire departments, the organization and teamwork is needed, where theoretical and practical education in classroom or on the training ground is conducted on daily basis.

Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued commemorative postage stamp in sheet of 10 stamps, postmark and the first day cover (FDC).

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