Ile Axe OpoAfonja – Historic Candomble Yard stamp from Brazil

Ile Axe OpoAfonja – Historic Candomble Yard stamp from Brazil

The Brazilian Post issued a stamp portraying the Ile Axe OpoAfonja Yard, which has become an important reference in the construction of values of the African descendant religions, of great significance in the social and religious context of Brazil.

In 1910, Eugenia Anna dos Santos, OBA BIYI, Mother Aninha, as she was dearly called, initiated at Capitaes Street, in Bahia, today called Rui Barbosa Street, founded the Ile Axe OpoAfonja and a body of twelve OBAS de Xango, responsible for the civil conduction of the destiny of the Yard, helped by BabalaoMartinianoElizeu do Bonfim, the link between Axe and Nigeria.

This woman, whose head belonged to Xango, was daughter of the saint of IyaMarcelina, OBA TOSI, of Engenho Velho – AXE IYA NASSO OKA – the first in rank in Brazil and, in her political and religious determination, was responsible for the recognition and liberation of the Afro Brazilian cult, known then as "something for ignorant negros, a fetish practice and the shame of Bahia", as she always remembered, without fear of words.

When she lived in Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of Brazil, she met with President Getulio Vargas, who granted her, due to her persuasion capacity and spiritual convincement, which came from her unquestionable leadership, the right to religious cult freedom, officialized through Decree No 1202, of 8/4/1939.

In 1936, before her passing to ancestry, Eugenia Anna dos Santos created the Civil Society of Cruz Santa do Axe OpoAfonja, to ensure the continuity of her work and to prevent possible incidents and disputes for power, leaving secure orientation of the indestructible principles that shall be maintained in the tradition of the religious house and in the transmission of these same principles for those who want to live this spiritual moment.

Dedicated an individual house of cult to each orixa, without, however, forgetting the phrase "until today, and hopefully forever", which can be understood that the Ile Axe OpoAfonja is and will always be a community space maintained by the vital force of Xango.

About the stamp

The stamp has in the background the entrance door of the house of Xango, patron orixa of the Ile Axe OpoAfonja Yard, and the fringes of mariwo, strips of the dende tree leaves used on top of doors for the protection and indication of sacred sites. On the foreground, is the logo of the Yard and an oxe, axe with double blades that translates the implacable and impartial justice of Xango, which all men are subject to. The techniques used were photograph and drawing.

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