Icelandic Contemporary Design IV – Graphic Design stamps

Icelandic Contemporary Design IV – Graphic Design stamps

The fourth stamp series on contemporary Icelandic design is dedicated to graphic design. The motifs are the work of four young graphic artists Sigurdur Oddsson, Ragnar Freyr Palsson, Ran Flygenring and Sigurdur Eggertsson.

Sigurdur Oddsson became acquainted with native Indian art which influences his imagery. He has worked for the art, fashion and music industry.

Ragnar Freyr Palsson founded his workshop in Reykjavik 2001. In his art and design Ragnar emphasizes simplicity and minimalism.

Ran Flygenring was the Court Designer of the City of Reykjavik in 2011 and won the German Children Book award for the book "Frerk, du Zwerg".

Sigurdur Eggertsson studied graphic design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and at the Weibensee Academy of Arts in Berlin. He lives in Berlin and works for clients around the world.

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