Heiva Fairgrounds: Papio stamp from French Polynesia

Heiva Fairgrounds: Papio stamp from French Polynesia

The Tahitian word "Papio" is difficult to translate because it refers to various types of whirling movements, such as for instance the joint movement of several objects like the revolution of a carousel or little fishes revolving around a diver.

When the long school holidays start, usually in early July, roundabouts are installed in an air of celebration at their usual location, to the delight of children. Every year, this is where the young (and the less young too) meet. They come to relax and have some good time in an atmosphere of enchantment.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Papio success has never waned even though over time, many items such as horses' legs have been patched up on several occasions.

Today, with this new stamp illustrating the theme of "Papio" carousels, the Post and Telecommunications Office of French Polynesia celebrates this festive season, a special attention to the youth.

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