Halloween celebrated on new Austrian stamps

Halloween celebrated on new Austrian stamps

Austrian post issued the second stamp in its "Comics Stamps Puzzle" stamp issue. The current issue is dedicated to Halloween.

In the 19th century, Irish emigrants took the tradition of Halloween to America, where it became hugely popular. Some time ago, this tradition returned to Europe.

Halloween is celebrated by hosting costume parties, playing "trick-or-treat", watching horror films, visiting haunted houses or carving lanterns out of pumpkins.

However, in Austria the holiday of Halloween is considered more of a solemn holiday that is used to honor family members and friends who have passed away. The Halloween Holiday is actually celebrated as "All Saint's Day".This holiday is based on religion, specifically the Catholic religion. There is a celebration of martyrdom. On the night of October first many people in Austria leave bread, water and lighted lamps on the table when they go to sleep. They believe this is a way to welcome dead souls back to the planet. It is the beginning of Alls Souls' Week in Austria.

The new special stamp block "Halloween" is a creepy puzzle, the theme of the subject being created by Dominik Grostlinger. The four self-adhesive stamps together result in the overall picture representing each a part of the puzzle.


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