George V’s Obsession – A King and His Stamps

George V’s Obsession – A King and His Stamps

A new biography of George V, which focuses on his obsession with stamps, is the first book on a philatelic subject to be published on Kindle.

The book, George V’s Obsession - a king and his stamps, contains new archival material and is the first new biography of George V (the Queen’s grandfather) for 30 years.

It describes George V's life and his urge to be the greatest collector of his time. It examines his life, his collecting and his interference with the production of stamps. It also examines the urge that people have to collect things. It shows how he shamelessly grabbed whatever philatelic material he could get hold of from across the British empire - often in dubious circumstances.

The book movingly describes the King's relationship with Edward Bacon - the famous philatelist. Bacon, a middle class accountant from the suburbs of South London, became one of the king’s closest associates and was probably the person with whom he spent most time. The King was always solicitous to Bacon, even after he became increasingly deaf.

Jack Shamash

The author is Jack Shamash, a professional journalist who writes for major British newspapers including the Times and the Independent. He has written on stamps for the Guardian and is a member of the Royal Philatelic Society of London and the National Philatelic Society.

The book can be found on or, price £5.79. the simplest way to find it is to go into the Amazon website and put "Jack Shamash" into the search box. It can be downloaded to a Kindle - the popular e-reader device - with a single click. It can also be read on an Ipad or similar device, through a free Kindle application.

Author Jack Shamash explained: "I was fascinated by the story of the King and Edward Bacon. I wanted to write a book that would appeal to philatelists and to a wider readership. I put the book on Kindle to make it accessible to an international audience."

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