French stamp celebrates 150th anniversary from the birth of Gaston Doumergue

French stamp celebrates 150th anniversary from the birth of Gaston Doumergue

France Poste issued a stamp to celebrate 150 years from the birth of Gaston Doumergue (1863-1937), French politician of the Third Republic.

A bit of history from related to the issue…

Child of the South of France, son of a winemaker, born in Aigues-Vives on August 1, 1863, Gaston Doumerge is one of the greatest French politicians who never disowned his roots and his values.

Doctor in Law, he began his professional life as a lawyer in Nimes. But being very modern for his time, upon graduation he decided to get experience outside of the hexagon and at the age of 27, he is appointed as deputy prosecutor in Hanoi, and, three years later, as magistrate in Algeria.

He entered political stage at the age of thirty under the "radical" label. Continually reelected from 1893 to 1924 he left the parliamentary bench after had been minister for eight times (of Colonies, of Trade and Industry, of Public Instruction and Fine Arts, of Foreing Affairs) and Prime Minister (1913-1914, 1934).

And it's before reaching the highest office of President of the Republic in 1924 for seven years which he did not wish to renew, even if the public and the majority of the political class asked him that. He ended his presidency with a huge popularity.

Gaston Doumergue with Raymond Poincare are the only French presidents who agreed to take France out of a grave political crisis taking position of Prime Minister after having been President of the Republic.

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