French Gardens – Andre Le Notre stamps from France

French Gardens – Andre Le Notre stamps from France

A new bloc of stamps dedicated to French Gardens was issued by La Poste in the first day of summer.

The first stamp depicts the Bassin de l'Encelade in Versailles, the second features the Grand Parterre of the Chateau de Chantilly, whose gardens are among the most beautiful creations of Andre Le Notre. The background of the block shows a view of the great prospect of Versailles and the maps used in the realization of French gardens.

A bit of history from…
Andre Le Notre was born into a long line of expert gardeners: his father was the king's gardener at the Tuileries, his grandfather provided seed at the court of Marie de Medici, his godfather was controller of the gardens. Le Notre was born in Paris in March, 12 1613.

At the age of 22 Andre Le Notre became head gardener in charge of the gardens of St Cloud and Luxembourg at the Duke of Orleans, brother of King Louis XIV.

He modernized the gardens of Fontainebleau, then he created landscape of the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte and his fame of an exquisite designer soon transcended borders of France. Between 1662 and 1687, he designed the gardens of Versailles, then transforms those of the Chateau de Chantilly.

Le Notre gave his whole talent to the concept of French gardens with geometric lines, glorifying the art of order and symmetry and ennobling prospects. The French model is still today the ultimate reference of landscape management. After have worked for 87 years to the magnificence of gardens in France and abroad, especially in England and Italy, he died in Paris in September 15, 1700, remaining in the history gardener of the King and the King of gardeners.

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