For the Youth 2013 – Songbirds stamps from Germany

For the Youth 2013 – Songbirds stamps from Germany

German post in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance traditionally introduces stamps with a sign of charity. Five dotes forming a plus next to the motto "Help doing good with stamps!" can now be found on a newly launched stamps series "For the Youth" dedicated to German songbirds. The stamps are additionally charged in favor of German charity organizations helping young people in trouble.

The issued stamps feature a Goldfinch, a Bullfinch and a Blue Tit. Usually you can hear them even before you notice them. They chirp in particular early in the morning or late in the evening. Their warbles are heart from the three tops, hedges and nearest undergrowths. Their motto is: Who sings louder, owns the area. Songbirds are little colorful blobs making our nature diverse and more exciting. They are perfect objects of observation, especially for children and adolescents.

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