Food Crop – Grains stamps from Taiwan

Food Crop – Grains stamps from Taiwan

Human overpopulation and the increasingly exacerbating climate change have led to eminent food crisis. To heighten awareness of cherishing foods, Chunghwa Post is issuing a set of four stamps each featuring a type of gramineous plants, including Oryza sativa, Setaria italica, Zea mays, and Triticum aestivum.

The designs follow:
Oryza sativa (NT$5): Commonly known as rice, it is an annual, herbaceous plant. In Taiwan, rice is grown primarily in Changhua, Yunlin and Chiayi Counties. It is also a staple food for the people of Taiwan.

Setaria italica (NT$7): Commonly known as millet, it is an annual, herbaceous plant. In Taiwan, the crop is chiefly cultivated in the eastern part of the country and a common staple food for the aborigines.

Zea mays (NT$10): Commonly known as maize, it is an annual, herbaceous plant. In Taiwan, maize is planted primarily in Hsinchu, Miaoli and Jianan Plain. It is a food crop, also a vital source of fodder.

Triticum aestivum (NT$25): Commonly known as wheat. Depending on the growing season, there are two types of wheat: the annual spring wheat, or the winter wheat. In Taiwan, wheat is grown predominantly in Tanzi, Daya, and Xitun Districts in Taichung City, plus Xiushui and Fuxing Townships in Changhua County. Wheat is milled for a variety of flours; it is also a material for brewing wine, and making soy sauce and vinegar.

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