Fishes of Christmas Island

Fishes of Christmas Island

The waters around Christmas Island are home to spectacular marine life, including hundreds of species of tropical fish, dolphins, whale sharks and beautiful corals. Around 575 species of fish have been identified from the island's waters and are mostly fishes associated with coral reefs.

The four fishes in this stamp issue are found on the coral reefs of Christmas Island.

The stamps feature a Ladder Wrasse, a Cocos Angelfish, a Redtooth Triggerfish and a Red-Stripped Pigfish.

The illustrator of the current issue Ego Guiotto is a leading Australian wildlife artist. His illustrations have been used in a number of previous stamp issues, including Cocos (Keeling) Islands Turtles (2003), Reef Sharks (2005) and Island Reefs (2006); Fishing Australia (2003), Threatened Wildlife (2007) and Australian Dolphins (2009); Christmas Island Frigatebirds (2010).

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