First Hong Kong stamps to be issued in 2014

First Hong Kong stamps to be issued in 2014 keeps revealing some interesting stamp issues to be launched by Post Offices worldwide in the year 2014. Now it's Hong Kong's turn. Here are the first philatelic issues 2014 from Hong Kong:

  • Year of the Horse. Issue date: 11th January 2014

"Year of the Horse" is the third Lunar New Year special stamp issue in the fourth series. This set of stamps delineates the ethereal beauty of horses in four different artistic mediums, namely fabric art, wood carving, metal sculpture and lacquer. The stamp sheetlet and silk stamp sheetlet give a note of festivity of the Chinese New Year.

  • Heartwarming. Issue date: 23rd January 2014

The fifth issue of Heartwarming stamps by Hongkong Post is unique in design with holographic foil effect. The six stamps cover themes like "Love & Care", "Celebrations", as well as the new theme of "Birthday / Newborn". Whatever special occasions you are congratulating, be it a wedding, anniversary, festival, celebration or birthday, Heartwarming stamps will surely melt the recipient's heart!

  • Chinese Dinosaurs. Issue date: 20th February 2014

China has as many as 140 recorded dinosaur species, representing one-sixth of the world's total, and is recognised as a major dinosaur region. This stamp issue features six Chinese dinosaurs: Daxiatitan binglingi, Microraptor gui, Lufengosaurus magnus, Tuojiangosaurus multispinus, Protoceratops andrewsi and Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis which leads you to the Mesozoic Era when these giants trod Chinese soil to get a close-up of these legendary creatures!

  • Weather Phenomena. Issue date: 27th March 2014

Look around you and you can easily observe all sorts of weather phenomena that have bearings on our daily lives. This stamp issue introduces seven common weather phenomena ranging from rainbow, frost, cloud, lightning, fog, rain to typhoon, to enhance the public's awareness of these weather conditions.

  • International Day of Families. Issue date: 15th May 2014

The United Nations has made 15 May the annual International Day of Families to enhance awareness of the family around the world. The family is the cornerstone of society. Therefore happy families are the keys to building a harmonious society. This stamp issue conveys the four core values of family – filial piety, love, harmony and care – through interactive hand signs, and underscores the significance of the family.

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