Felids depicted on new stamps by Luxembourg

Felids depicted on new stamps by Luxembourg

The exhibition about big cats "Alles fir d'Kaz" will take place at the end of 2014 at the Natural history museum in Luxembourg. To commemorate the event, Luxembourg Post is issuing a set of three stamps depicting Felids – Wildcat, Sumatran Tiger and Eurasian Lynx.

Felids, or felines, have fewer teeth than other animals (with pointed fangs and sharp molars), powerful jaw muscles and retraceable claws used to inflict wounds. They are highly adept at running and jumping, have excellent night vision and are carnivorous, and hunters at heart.

The wildcat (Felis silvestris) is a species of feline of the Felidae family. Living in different habitats, it roams the regions of Europe, western Asia and Africa. Small to medium in size, its appearance varies depending on the sub-species, but generally its coat is brown with black stripes.

The Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrea) is one of the smallest subspecies of tiger and classed as "critically endangered". The Sumatran tiger's coat is very dark and its stripes often break into a cluster of spots on its underbelly. Lines with small specks can be found between the stripes on their back, flank and hind legs.

The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), also known as the common Lynx, is easily recognizable by its long legs, short tail, distinctive head with pointed ears. The colour of its coat varies from creamy white to dark brown, with black spots on the body, which can be full spots or rosettes. The Eurasian lynx has a particularly dense coat, notably on the back. It can no longer be found in Luxembourg, but hope to reintroduce it in the near future exists.


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