Famous Croats on new postage stamps

Famous Croats on new postage stamps

Hrvatska posta issued a set of four stamps depicting famous Croats – Stjepan Gradic, Antonija Krasnik, Ranko Marinkovic and Milka Trnina.

Stjepan Gradic was a diplomat and polihistorian, he had great merits for his homeland. Gradic was a polymath. He cooperated with the historian Joannes Lucius, translated classical authors, wrote a biography of the Dubrovnik writer Junije Palmotic and a poem about the earthquake in Dubrovnik. In the literary and scientific circle of pope Alexander VII and Queen Christina of Sweden Gradic discussed scientific and philosophical issues. Along with philosophy, he engaged in mathematics, physics, astronomy, literature and diplomacy.

Antonija Krasnik holds a distinct place of the first Croatian woman applied artist and designer in Croatian history. She participated at numerous exhibitions of decorative art in Vienna, Berlin, Munich, London, St. Louis, Torino and Paris and her works were published in the most prominent European journals for art and culture. In all works by Antonija Krasnik evident is superior delicacy in shaping decorative objects and objects of use, which is an authentic expression of the spirit of time and style at the turn of the century, but above all a peculiar expression of her aesthetic sensibility.

Ranko Marinkovic proved himself as key personality in Croatian literature in the second half of the 20th century. From his very beginnings in literature, accepted before the Second World War as the author of particular literary skill and sensibility, Ranko Marinkovic asserted himself in the second half of the 20th century as the key personality in Croatian literature, a writer of explicit critical vocation, interested in contemporary topics, but also a creator of strong intellectual reflection – ready for the challenges of radical modernism and open to probations of postmodern relativism. He tried almost all genres and proved his creativity as an exceptional story teller, novel writer, dramatist, critic and essayist.

Milka Trnina is well known in the history of world opera art. She was Croatian opera artist (soprano), the greatest among a number of distinguished singers whom Croatia gave to the world in the 19th and 20th century. She was celebrated as one of the greatest singers of her time, with beautiful, powerful and carrying voice and perfect singer's technique, of gracious scenic appearance, noble face and - especially pointed out - unique, magic acting. In the history of world opera art, known as "legendary Ternina", she is still referenced in all encyclopedias.

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