EUROPA – Postal Vehicle stamps from Slovenia

EUROPA – Postal Vehicle stamps from Slovenia

Posta Slovenije issued two stamps within the EUROPA International stamp issue dedicated this year to Postal vehicles. The stamps feature Krpan Mail Bicycle and Diligence Mail Coach.

The bicycle is developed and assembled in Slovenia. The Krpan bike as used by Posta Slovenije is yellow, and along with its name on the frame, it also bears the traditional sign of Posta Slovenije – the mail horn. It has been in production since 2001, and the 11th series of the Krpan bike is now being produced for Posta Slovenije requirements. The bicycle is being continuously developed and upgraded in line with user needs. The maximum permitted load of the bike, together with cargo, is 200 kg, with the bike itself weighing 24 to 25 kg. A trailer can also be attached.

In the second half of the 18th century, diligence mail coaches started operating on the main postal roads in the Slovenian lands. At that time the postal service took on a leading role in passenger transport, with private coach services being increasingly limited in the transport of passengers. The diligences were comfortable mail coaches with a sprung undercarriage and padded interior, in which it was quite comfortable to travel for that time. The golden age of mail coaches came to an end with the arrival of the railways.

Postal stages were gradually abandoned, and numerous postillions and other postal employees lost their livelihood.

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