EUROPA – Postal Vehicle stamps from Ireland

EUROPA – Postal Vehicle stamps from Ireland

An Post issued two stamps as its contribution to the 2013 Europa stamp issue. The theme of the issue was "Postal Vehicles", with the emphasis on vehicles used to deliver mail.

The 60c stamp features two postmen, one on a bicycle and the other pushing a post trolley. Irish postal delivery staff set out on their delivery routes each working day on foot, on bicycle or in vans, to deliver mail to 2.1 million addresses nationwide. An Post operates one of Ireland’s largest fleets of motor vehicles, including a number of electric vehicles currently on trial. Post vans are a regular feature of the urban and rural landscape as they weave their way through cities, towns and villages, collecting and delivering letters and parcels.

The 90c stamp features a postman and van. The stamp was designed by Steve Simpson with photography by Harry Weir and shows postal workers with the most common vehicles used to deliver mail. An Post drivers undertake comprehensive training in Safe Driving and Eco-Driving techniques, designed to maximize road safety and minimize the impact of our fleet on the environment, mainly by reducing carbon output. A team from An Post achieved great success in the International Postal Corporation Eco Driver Challenge in which European postal operators competed last year.


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