EUROPA – Postal Means of Transportation stamp from Czech Republic

EUROPA – Postal Means of Transportation stamp from Czech Republic

The theme of this year's common issue coming out in each PostEurope member country is "Postal Means of Transportation". The Czech stamp depicts a symbol of Czechoslovak Post's history - horse-drawn parcel mail coach. Model IV of this coach was based on a one-horse cargo coach used by Austrian Post. Like its Austrian counterpart, it was usually drawn by a single horse. Czechoslovak Post used it for delivering parcels addressed to businesses or private recipients. Due to the slow motorization process, this postal vehicle was in use until the early 1960s.

Although it was not one of the largest coaches, it looks robust. The sheet metal covering its wooden body makes this impression even stronger. Parcels were locked inside the cargo space of 3 cubic meters or on the roof with rails. The maximum loaded weight was a full tonne. The coach had one, and later two lamps, mounted on the sides of the upper part of the body behind the postilion's (driver's) seat and used for safety purposes during the hours of darkness.

In its exposition, Postal Museum Vyssi Brod displays not only an original parcel coach model IV from the interwar era but also several models of parcel coaches of the same era, meticulously made into a true copy of other designs used to transport parcels in Czechoslovakia.

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