EUROPA 2013 – Serbian Postal Vehicles

EUROPA 2013 – Serbian Postal Vehicles

Each year work group Post Europ for postage stamps and philately determines for its members a joint topic for the issuing of special issue stamps under the title "EUROPA".

Thus for 2013, in order to celebrate 20th anniversary of Post Europ, the topic "Postal vehicles" has been chosen. Although the Postal & Telegraph herald, the official newspaper of the Postal & Telegraph department of the Ministry of National Economy of the Kingdom of Serbia, announced the news that in 1903 (the year when the retailer Bozidar Radulovic imported the first car into Serbia) the chief of the Postal & Telegraph department visited by car downtown Belgrade and supervised empting of the postal boxes, we can not state with certainty that it was the year when the regular automobile transportation of postal items began in Serbia. Later in 1906 there was a newspaper story that the Serbian post was getting a few cars to carry out postal services.

After World War I, in 1919, the Ministry of the Army and Navy relinquished to the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs of the SHS Kingdom in order to perform postal transport a number of trophy vehicles: "Magirus", "AGA", "Mercedes", "Opel", "NAG" "Horch", "Dodge", "Cadillac" ... In 1923, the Ministry has established the Automobile section, and the following year according to the Regulations on the automobile traffic for the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs, a number of postal car garages was established on the regional level,  which finally led to automobile transportation of postal items.
Milorad Jovanovic, PTT Museum, Belgrade

The motifs on the stamps: the stamp with the face value of 44.00 dinars shows a postal car which was used on the line Kosovska Mitrovica - Raska - Novi Pazar, and the stamp with the face value of 112.00 dinars shows a modern postal freight vehicle used for collection and delivery of Post Express flats and parcels. Artistic realization of the stamps: Radomir Bojanic, academic painter and Jaksa Vlahovic, academic graphic artist.

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