EUROPA 2013 – Post Office Vans stamps from Luxembourg

EUROPA 2013 – Post Office Vans stamps from Luxembourg

In 2013, the theme chosen for the EUROPA 2013 Stamps for the 20th anniversary of PostEurop is "The post office van". Post office vans are among the most easily recognizable vehicles on the road, because of their colour.

Post offices require a large number of vehicles to collect, transport and deliver mail. This of course has an impact on the environment.

This is why P&TLuxembourg, which already uses low fuel consumption vehicles, intends to gradually introduce electric vehicles, such as the Renault Kangoo on the € 0.85 stamp, into its vehicle fleet. A second stamp of € 0.60 shows the Citroën 2 CV AZU, used by the Luxembourg postal service at the beginning of the 1960s.

In March, an authentic 2 CV AZU in the historic colours of the postal service joined P&TLuxembourg's collection of historic vehicles.

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