Dutch Windmills on stamps

Dutch Windmills on stamps

Ten millers, the patron of mill Rhine and Lek and also the mayor of Wijk bij Duurstede received the first issue of a stamp sheetlet "Dutch Windmills" from Annerie Lekkerkerker, director of the PostNL department Consumers and Small Businesses.

Each miller also received a stamp with his own windmill on it. The event took place at one of the mills on the stamps: Molen Rijn and Lek, in Wijk bij Duurstede. The stamp sheetlet contains ten different mill types from all over the Netherlands. The oldest one, the Grafelijke Torenmolen in Zeddam, dates back to around 1450 and the youngest one is the Hiemertermole in Burgwerd, which is a rebuilt windmill from 1975. The stamp sheetlet was created in close collaboration with De Hollandsche Molen. This national association is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

Each stamp shows a drawing made by the artist Joost Veerkamp. Each specific windmill type has its own colour, against a clear sky and a horizon that continues from one stamp into the next. The top row contains windmills bordering water and the bottom one contains windmills in the countryside or in towns. From left to right, the sails of the different windmills on the stamps are turning, suggesting movement. The text on the stamps and the border around the sheetlet provides extra information about the windmill type and the mill itself. Scanning of the QR code on the stamp sheetlet will provide more background information about the depicted windmills.

"This assignment was quite a present to me", the artist Joost Veerkamp explained to StampNews.com. "For the windmill series, I have travelled the whole country, photographed dozens of windmills, and spoken to many millers, many of whom are volunteers. All of these people were very passionate about their profession and were eager to help place the sails in the right position or turn the windmill to face the wind".

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