Dublin – UNESCO City of Literature commemorated on stamp

An Post issued a stamp to commemorate Dublin UNESCO City of World Literature.

Dublin was designated a UNESCO City of Literature on July 26, 2010. This is a permanent designation which further establishes the city's credentials as a literary city and a major contributor to world culture. Some of the world's greatest writers have been inspired by Dublin city - and its literary output continues to delight and enthral world audiences.

Dublin is a culturally rich city closely identified with writing and writers, such as Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and, of course, James Joyce. Four Nobel Prizes for Literature have been awarded to writers associated with Dublin.

Literature is a major contributor to the city's cultural, social, intellectual and economic life and literary events in Dublin continually enrich the experiences of visitors and inhabitants alike. The UNESCO designation offers Dublin the opportunity to build on its diverse and dynamic literary landscape and to forge new alliances within the worldwide UNESCO Creative Cities network.

The stamp was designed by The Stone Twins. The stamp features a short story, which captures the essence of Dublin, by Eoin Moore, a regular participant at "Fighting Words" creative writing centre.

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