Cruise Ships on new stamps from Aruba

Cruise Ships on new stamps from Aruba

Post Aruba issued a set of stamps dedicated to cruise ships.

The first cruise ship to visit the island of Aruba was the M.S. "Libertador," which combined cargo and passenger facilities. The first all-passenger ship was called the "Tradewind" and first stopped at Aruba in 1957. A party was thrown to welcome passengers to Aruba's first luxury hotel, which was then under construction. The growth of cruise tourism was remarkable during the 1970's when Aruba began to receive the visits of larger cruise companies such as the ltalian Line, Cunard, Holland America Line, Costa Line, Sitmar Cruises, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The biggest cruise ship to hit the port of Aruba was the Allure of the seas from the Royal Caribbean cruise line in 20'11. This is a cruise ship that houses 5000 passengers and a crew of 2000 that's seven thousand people on one ship.

Cruise ships illustrated on the stamps (left to right) are:

First cargo/passenger cruise ship named MS Libertador;

First passenger cruise ship named Tradewind;

Princess Cruises line, Love Boat;

The biggest cruise ship to hit the port of Aruba, Allure of the Seas from the Royal;

Caribbean International;


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