Croatian Visual Arts on new stamps from Hrvatskaposta

Croatian Visual Arts on new stamps from Hrvatskaposta

Hrvatska post issued a new set of three stamps in the series "Croatian Visual Arts". The stamps depict paintings by Ljubo Babic, Bela Cikos Sesija and Josip Seissel.

Ljubo Babic, Crna Zastava: painter, graphic artist, stage designer, art educator, art historian and critic, museologist and writer – Ljubo Babic was one of the central characters of Croatian modern culture. Black Flag from 1916 is among the key paintings in the entire opus of Ljubo Babić, but also of Croatian modern art. The motif of flag was particularly important for him and often had prominent position in his works.

Bela Cikos Sesija, Sapfa (Osijek, 1864 - Zagreb, 1931): in the whole creative work by Cikos an exceptional interest for classic and biblical themes and motifs which he interpreted with emphasized symbolism and echoes of art-deco stylistic, can be noticed.

He belongs to those artists who introduced much more liberal presentation of the nude female body in Croatian painting.

Josip Seissel, Pafama (Krapina, 1904 - Zagreb, 1987): in 1922 a collage PAFAMA was created - first abstract picture in Croatia. It is just one of the series of abstract and figurative works made during several years and testifying about the Seissel's vivid interest in basic principles of constructivist shaping.


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