Costa Rica, a Country of Migrants stamp

Costa Rica, a Country of Migrants stamp

Costa Rica has always been characterized by the promotion of equality, inclusion and respect for the different cultures that converge in the country, so, this year, Correos de Costa Rica issued a stamp to feature the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy.

The new postal issue "Costa Rica: a country of migrants", recognizes the contribution of this sector of the population to social and economic development of the nation.

The Postmaster General of Costa Rican Post, Alvaro Coghi said that this issue is important to raise awareness because the country is inclusive and respectful of different cultural manifestations of the citizens and migrants: "The migration process has influenced Costa Rican development and innovation and created new opportunities for all citizens in the country to become inclusive and respectful of human rights, where the integrity, equality and respect are key pillars in strengthening relations between Costa Ricans and foreigners".

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