Contemporary Arts – Visual Arts stamps from Ireland

Contemporary Arts – Visual Arts stamps from Ireland

An Post issued four stamps featuring Contemporary Arts – Visual Arts.

Contemporary visual art is the name given to art that has been produced by practicing visual artists of our time. Contemporary visual art reflects the culture of the present and offers everyone the opportunity to re-imagine the known and familiar and to re-consider the way in which we perceive things. It is not merely about making beautiful objects but about inviting us to think. Contemporary visual artists include an intellectual dimension in their work and are in general more socially conscious than artists of previous eras as they often seek to express their views on controversial issues of the present day in and through their work.

While many contemporary visual artists still work within the traditional two dimensional and three dimensional art disciplines such as painting, printmaking and sculpture, others chose to work in newer areas such as performance art, video, installation and computer-generated art. Traditional notions of what art is (or what we think it should be!) are no longer valid and we should engage with and enjoy these exciting and new ways of seeing and understanding.

The stamps were designed by Ger Garland and feature the work of four renowned Irish artists: Stephen McKenna – Doors and Sunlight, Dorothy Cross – Ghost Ship, Amanda Coogan – The Fall, Dublin and John Gerrard – Smoke Tree.

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