Contemporary Art – Antonio Lopez stamps from Spain

Contemporary Art – Antonio Lopez stamps from Spain

Four of the most representative works of La Mancha born painter and sculptor Antonio Lopez make up this souvenir sheet by Spanish post dedicated to contemporary art.

Lopez's work reflects the reality that surrounds him since he paints objects that border the photographic. He focuses on landscapes of Madrid, family portraits and everyday objects. He paints slowly and thoughtfully, devoting several years to complete each work.

The stamp Gran Via, 1974-1981 reproduces one of his best-known paintings. The author says that during the summers in which he painted the picture, he rose at dawn and settled, with his easel and paints in the pedestrian area separating Gran Via and Alcala streets in Madrid in order to catch the first morning light. He depicts a lonely, quiet street away from the hubbub of later hours in the day. It belongs to a private collection.

In Sink and Mirror 1967, Antonio Lopez depicts a set of washroom elements with a sink, a shelf and a mirror over it. The work is exhibited in the Museum of Fines Arts, Boston (USA).

New Fridge 1991-1994, captures the intimate and homely look of an open fridge. It belongs to the collection of Florentino Perez, from Madrid.

Finally, House of Antonio Lopez Torres, 1972-1980, depicts his uncle's house with tile floors, a dresser, a lamp and another room in the background. It belongs to the Sorigue Foundation (Lleida).

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