Congratulations Postage Stamps from Taiwan

Congratulations Postage Stamps from Taiwan

Chunghwa Post released a set of "Congratulations Postage Stamps" in 2012. Now it is following up with a second set of four stamps, each featuring one pair of tropical fish, swans, penguins or mandarin ducks. The stamps have round perforated centers with a predominately orange and yellow color scheme, with a red background that features the double-happiness character, which is commonly used in Chinese culture to celebrate marriage. The area surrounding the round center features a grid of double-happiness characters, which convey a sense of glad tidings. The designs follow:

1. Tropical Fish (NT$3.5): A pair of enraptured tropical fish is sealing their love with a kiss. The moving scene conveys the idea of "angelic lovers being lifted to the clouds."

2. Swans (NT$3.5): The male swan wears a crown and the female swan a lace bridal veil. The scene demonstrates the idea of loving bonds that last "till death do them part." The atmosphere is romantic and sweetly beautiful.

3. Penguins (NT$5): The male penguin wears a bowtie and dons a stovepipe hat and the female wears a lace bridal veil. The illustration symbolizes the idea of happiness and love everlasting.

4. Mandarin ducks (NT$5): The female duck bashfully turns her head to look at the male, symbolizing that they will be together through thick and thin over the journey of their lives.

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