Cocos Islands: 50 Years of Stamps

Cocos Islands: 50 Years of Stamps

Cocos (Keeling) Islands celebrate 50 years from the issue of the first CKI stamps.

During WWII and up to 1954 an RAAF Post Office operated on Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CKI), run by RAAF personnel and using Australian stamps. In 1952 the Malaysian postal administration set up a post office using Singapore stamps until Australia assumed administration of CKI in 1955. Australian stamps were used until 1963 when the first CKI stamps were issued on 11 June.

The first issue was a pictorial definitive series depicting the copra industry (3d); a constellation aircraft (5d); a map of the islands (8d); palms (1/-); a Jukong (2/-); and a white tern (2/3). The 1963 stamp designs are presented as imperforate in the sheetlet for this stamp issue and microdated. The 50th anniversary stamps are also presented as a se-tenant strip.

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