Christmas stamps from Norway

Christmas stamps from Norway

When Ludvig was featured on Norway Post's Christmas stamps in 1988, SolanGundersen was just a little jealous. As a stamp celebrity Ludvig enjoyed high status, after being mocked for his appearance for many years.

An encounter with a threshing machine had left him with a bad haircut: short at the back and thick around the ears. The stamps changed Ludvig's life. Solan was not pleased. If anyone was to be portrayed on a stamp, it should have been Solan Gundersen from Rustadsaga! He had ski-jumped at Holmenkollen and sailed the seven seas!

Now, 25 years later, it is Solan's turn to appear on a stamp. Albeit on only one stamp compared with Ludvig's two. But Solan is not too upset; he has plenty to boast about. For example, he is mentioned in an encyclopaedia, and rumour has it that he was once carried off by a strong gust of wind at Rustadsaga and landed seven days later in St. Peter's Square in Rome, where he attended the election of the pope. And what did Ludvig have to show for himself? He got a furry tongue and began to cough the minute he came out into the fresh air. And he couldn't swim either. And still Ludvig got a place on a stamp! Solan is no longer jealous. After all, he had won plenty of honour and glory himself. For his humour-filled, long and faithful service at the Rustadsaga sawmill, he had been awarded the Royal Norwegian Society for Development's silver medal. It felt very much at home on Solan's chest.

On the other stamp we get a glimpse of another Aukrust character, "Nabonissen", the grumpy neighbour who is poking his head out of the window of his house. He was from Tynset. He was bad-tempered and irritable, did not have much room and often complained that the moon hung askew. On the stamp, in more than forty degrees below freezing, he takes a big breath through his nose. If his drippy nose freezes to ice, all he has to do is close the window and put more wood in the stove.


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