Christmas stamps from Macau

Christmas stamps from Macau

Macao Post issued a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet to celebrate Christmas, a day when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

On Christmas Eve, the evening of 24th December, both Catholics and Christians hold Midnight Massees and worship services, as well as Christmas Carolings. In Macao, at Largo do Senado, Ruins of St. Paul's and the North district in Macao, church organizations hold Christmas Carol events every year with hymns singing, drama performing, and preaching, etc, in order to proclaim the good news of the redemption of humanity by Jesus.

The buildings by the streets and square are decorated with colourful Christmas decorations, and hung with dazzling Christmas lights. Not only churches, church schools and groups will decorate Christmas manger, set up Christmas decorations and hold Christmas celebration, many commercial organizations and groups will also hold Christmas dinners and parties, etc. Christmas bells and Christmas carols can be heard everywhere, and the place is filled with festive atmosphere.

During the festival, people give Christmas cards and gifts to others. Many families accompany the greeting cards with family photos or news, as one of the ways to maintain their relationships with relatives and friends far away. Apart from the traditional method of sending greeting cards by post, nowadays many people send messages through electrical communication tools. Giving either Christmas cards or gifts is a way to extend gratitude, blessing and concern to relatives and friends.

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